Candidate for Maine State House District 126

About Michael


I am Michael Sutton. My life has been primarily been raised by a single mom. She worked 1 sometimes 2 jobs just to get by. We never took assistance. Since then, I have achieved so much while living within my means.

My educational experiences have included a Masters in Hospitality and Tourism from Husson University and experiences in the hospitality and tourism industry. I own a small business, Sutton Travel Weddings and Events LLC. I'm part of the Husson Alumni Board and the Robinson Ballet Board. Last year, I completed the Bangor Region Leadership Institute where I learned about various industries and how they impact how people that live, work, worship, and visit Bangor.

I am openly gay and I have autism. I'm quite brave living in this world where we are divided today. That's why I am running for Maine House.

We need to rid of diviseness and come to common ground. Everybody regardless who they are, who they identify as, or who they love deserve to represented in Augusta.

I'm for healthcare expansion, free breakfast and lunch programs for children regardless of income, infrastructure, good paying jobs and treatment of employees, taking care of those in addiction, increasing visibility and equal opportunity for all including LGBT, women, people of color, the tribal communities, ending poverty, fighting for climate change, good educational opportunities for all, for for union rights, better small business opportunities, and finally making sure SNAP and other programs get accessed by more people that need it and making sure people get more.

Union Rights

America is based on Unions. Everyday, protecting workers is always facing new challenges and legislation to suppress workers. Therefore, I stand in solidarity in workers every where as we are the backbone in producing work for fine city and nation.

Small Business

Bangor is a good region of great small business. Shopping local and being a small business owner and employee is the framework of who we are as a city. We need more small businesses in Maine and more assistance to help businesses thrive.


We are still running behind when it comes to access to quality healthcare. Everybody deserves a right to live to their fullest potential. We must continue to get cheaper drugs and make medical and health care costs affordable so people dont choose between food or medicine. Also we must solve the opoid crisis and solve addiction problems once and for all and provide resources for those suffering from addiction. Also, section 21 and 29 waitlist must end and everyone needs to be helped by services from the get go and not having to wait.


Schools in the Bangor Region continue to show great national attention by how well we educate our children. We need to have better technology and better paid teachers in the process.


It has not been addressed highly enough in Bangor. We have some of the oldest buildings in Bangor in both commercial and residential capacities. Also our roads are terrible and pot holes and bumpy roads persist. We need better infrastructure from vehicle improvements, road work, and buildings.


Bangor is continuing innovative job creation activity. From event centers, to casinos, banks, and etc cetera, we are closing the unemployment rates to record lows. However, we must continue the fight. Everybody has a right to work and participate in the economic activity of our city, state, and nation.

Climate Change & Environment

We are faced with the climate change debate. The earth’s temperature is rising every year and getting hotter. New England is one of the most affected areas for this. Therefore we need to have our climate and environment in mind. Putting an end to ecological devastation is what I am about.

Equal Rights

Women’s rights, tribal rights, disability rights, civil rights for people of color, immigrant rights, LGBTQ+ rights, and many more are always under threats in our world. With new laws and petitions suppressing our rights, we need to champion for everyone regardless of who you are, whom you identify as, whom you love. We must put an end to systematic racism and change the moral narrative in terms of who we are as people. People have a right to choose what they want for themselves and no one has a right to say to say otherwise

SNAP and Other Assistance

Maine has the highest food insecurity in New England. Children often go hungry. No one seems to be confronting systematic poverty. Everyone needs to thrive with basic necessities. We must do more to end systematic poverty. Also, putting an end to the war economy as it relates to this also needs to happen. Everybody deserves to live.